Simplifying Your Employee

Learning And Development Process

OT is a professional learning marketplace that brings together 3000+ training programs, a global network of learning
solution providers, instructors, and subject matter experts.

Onboard your L&D Team on our platform. Get access to Ol’s learning marketplace and technology.

Choose the SME of your choice for a more personalized experience. Instructor-led training has been proven most promising for improving the organisation’s bottom line.

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Why We Are Different

Do More in Less

Save 40% of your L&D spend and reap better ROI. Our proven track record of delivering excellence is highly regarded.

Aggregated Marketplace

We have a unified process for booking external learning services through our seamless interface and applications.

5000+ Learning Partners

We have seasoned independent trainers and training
companies who are also industry practitioners.

Guaranteed Quality

Interestingly, we have so much faith in our system
that we fearlessly offer ‘no question asked refund in
case of complaints

Bands of Trainers

Our platform features ‘Know your trainer’ section so you can access each trainer’s portfolio and accolades.

Custom Training Programs

We design, develop and deliver training and development solutions that are unique to your business needs.

Mode of Training

ILT, VILT, e-Learning, Self-paced, Blended.

Seamless Vendor Management

No need to juggle between multiple learning vendor partnerships. Ot enables vendor consolidation for your ease.

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We're changing corporate upskilling patterns by making programs equitable Explore the different ways to get your employees to experience tailored learning.
What We Offer

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Trusted By Leading Brands Around The Globe

Do Away With


OT is your Single Point of contact for
any training need

Identifying a skillful training partner for delivering the training is a major
challenge. A small error in this first step might dilute the effectiveness of
corporate skilling completely.


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