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How to cope with stress at work

Everyone at some point in their career has felt the pressure of work-related stress. But when work stress becomes habitual, it can be dangerous to both physical and emotional health.

8 Steps to effective Data storytelling to engage with your audience

Step 1: The Data Processing Data follows a straight path with few rigorous regimes to become useful. Data collection from various sources → Data preparation (Categorize and structure the data) → Data exploration/analysis (Derive actionable insights from the data using advanced analytics) → Data modeling/presentation (Translate into a format that is easy to comprehend by […]

Are you ready for data-driven culture?

Where does the data stand today? By 2025 the size of data that needs analysis will be more than 150 zettabytes, which is 150 trillion gigabytes for easier understanding. The big data industry will reach an estimated $77 billion by 2023 and continue the rising curve further. Almost every industry in the world has already […]

Why Data storytelling is important for your organization?

In 2020, there were 2.5 trillion searches on Google worldwide. That translates to 6.9 billion searches per day. With more than 1 billion active users per month, Google.com is our planet’s most visited website. The numbers are huge. Yet, Google manages to personalize results for each one of us. If you search for shoes on […]

Is your Data telling your business stories?

More than half a million Americans have lost their lives to Covid 19. It is a massive number, and yet many humans do not tend to register the severity of the issue. Anti-vaccine protests are still going on with 40% of Americans yet to get full jabs. With the looming dangers of the new Omicron […]

How to bring Digital Fluency into your workforce

65% of C-suite executives often get frustrated by technology tools at work. What do they do when the software tools do not operate the way these higher executives want? They delegate the tasks to lower-level executives. And these employees have no choice but to be baffled. More than 32% of the staff find technology training […]

Is your workforce digital-challenged?

More than 30% of employees lack a basic level of digital literacy while a staggering 35% have just baseline competency. 77% of the workforce do not have a clear understanding of digital skills and think it is the same as technological skills. Post pandemic, businesses around the world have moved on to digital platforms. Many […]

Resilience: An Invaluable Trait To Master

4403 individuals participated in Tokyo Paralympics 2020. Individuals with a range of physical disabilities.  They are the victims of their lives, whether by birth or due to accidents. They could have been victims for the rest of their lives, but they are not. They decided against the limitations of their bodies. They fought to gain […]

How to enhance employee engagement through training?

Worldwide, only 34% of employees are engaged with their company. Which leaves the majority of workers disengaged. They will leave the company for a better opportunity. Organizations around the world lose more than $500 billion per year due to employee disengagement. Disengaged employees are not committed to the company and thus, do not put in […]

How to make B2B buying easy?

Where do buyers stand today? With the surge in digital information, buyers have become increasingly aware of the market situation, product usability, and service quality. Over the decades, the most important revolutions in the business are about consumers and their choices. From Amazon’s one-click order option to recommendations and personalizations by Netflix, every new feature […]

The curious case of B2B buying

Be it personal, professional, or organizational, buying is as hard as selling. This has never been truer for the B2B segment than it is today. Let’s explore what has changed for B2B buying. Whom Do B2B buyers trust? Around 39% of B2B decision-makers get primary awareness about a new product or service from peer reviews, […]