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We’re changing the trend of delivering inequitable content. Our courses are crafted by industry practitioners who have hands-on experience in bringing change in their respective business roles. Our content makes you.

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(Training Programs, Workshops, Learning Journeys, Certification)
We can help your employees build credibility through different upskilling programs that gives them the confidence needed to perform in their roles.

New Hire Bootcamps
OT introduces a customized and experiential new employee on-boarding approach for new hires. It’s a combination of targeted tools, technology, coaching, performance plans, training, and reinforcement.
Benefits: Speed to Productivity | Increased Client Satisfaction | Cost Saving | Increased Morale and Sense of Culture | Increased Application of Methodology

OT Marketplace can help you disclose hidden pain points and continually improve workplace performance with a personalized Assessment Strategy. Our unique approach of competency mapping provides you with a detailed overview of employee talents and areas for improvement.

Hear From Today’s Most Powerful Brands & Voices. Reach top corporate and public space decision makers with our newly launched ‘Speakers’ category. Expose your workforce to public speakers, popular trainers, influencers and celebrities relevant to your organization.

Consulting – HR/L&D/OD
Tell us the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll schedule meetings with the right solution providers to solve them. We promise to deliver the most effective results so you leave with a plan and the tools you need to move your company forwards.

Content Creation Service
In times of information super-abundance, companies look for the contribution from a trusted, expert guide who can provide them with ‘intellectual binoculars’. OT Marketplace helps you curate exactly that level of content.
Benefits: Focus on relevant information | Saves time and resources | Encourages continuous learning | Enhances performance

Degree Programs from Universities
Supporting your staff in their professional development is commercially valuable to your organisation.
Benefits: Enhanced Strategic Awareness | Greater Knowledge of Best Practice | Increased Performance Motivation

A culture of learning
which is directly proportional
to increased sales
Foster a culture of growth

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