Get access to the ​most comprehensive learning content creator network – without the struggle of constant search and negotiation.

We provide you the right content, in the right format – from the right content vendor

Our Expertise

Learning content development solutions that improve learners’ engagement – their performance – and fuel organizational transformation.

We don’t just create content, we own the entire lifecycle of the learning material — across diverse industries.

We curate content as per your specific business need and tune it for the needs of your diverse set of learners. Our experts enable you to identify and create content your learners will love.

OT Advantage

  • Reach a wider vendor network with our global partner base
  • Eminent domain SMEs that assist immersive content design for your learners 
  • Unbiased support and the best price offers
  • Super easy unified purchase experience
  • Multi-Vendor Management
  • Reduce your operational costs and time 
  • Get ahead of the competition by choosing from diverse vendor options
  • Better Customer Service
OT Advantage

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can OT help if my organization is new to the eLearning Journey?

Our Learning Solution team will help you to identify and analyze the need – focusing on the ease of use by creating sustainable eLearning intervention. We help your organization by creating learner-centric designs that are easy to navigate and of shorter duration interventions that do not overwhelm the learners. We will also provide assistance and technical support on how to use eLearning.

What's the ideal duration of developing a program?

The ideal duration of developing the learning content of a program varies from the need to need basis. It depends on the business requirement. It might take a week or up to several months. However, we value your time and hand over all the deliverables within the agreed deadline. We decide the deadline before starting the project and adhere to it in all circumstances.

What is unique about OT Marketplace's learning content development service? There are so many agencies out there that provide learning content.

OT will take the project ownership while working with the client. Our experts will perform the training need analysis and capture the data. After that, we will prepare a blueprint design and provide you with the three solution options. You will get a minimum of 3 vendor options along with their quotations. Once you finalize the vendor, we will proceed with the development. After the 1st content development cycle is complete, we will give you the prototype for your feedback and final changes. 

Also, OT has a partner network of world-class learning content providers. We provide you with top-notch quality learning content at the lowest possible rates.

Is it possible to design a blended journey with custom learning content?

Designing a blended journey can be daunting, especially when you want to curate the learning content. There are an overwhelming number of options, approaches, and new technologies. OT Marketplace being the expert in ILT/VILT with the right mix of Elearning will help your organization with the best-blended journey as per your need. 

Does OT Marketplace also create corporate introduction videos?

Yes, the OT marketplace offers 360-degree solutions for all kinds of needs in the area of learning content development. We have an array of offerings, be it web content, technical content, content consulting, or animated videos. Whatever learning content you want, we have got you covered.

Why should I choose OT?

OT’s offerings cover the complete aspect of Learning Content Development. From creating a module to standardizing your existing content – or converting the boring module into a gamified simulation – we do everything you ask.


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